Jacques Vallée, Disclosure and the Easter Bunny!

Windsor, CA
June 1, 2021

Best Kept Secret: Jacques Vallée, Disclosure and the Easter Bunny!   by Rich Scheck

Famous Ufologist Jacques Vallée has gifted the UFO Community with his latest book entitled Trinity. It is a collaborative investigation with his colleague Paola Harris into the little known 1945 crash near the “test” sight of the first atom bomb.

The subtitle provides a big clue as to why this small tome may be important: “the best kept secret!” The modest, self-effacing Vallée displays a high level of sophistication and subtlety in this work. He is ever the diligent scientist, keen on inspecting every detail but simultaneously a philosopher inviting his lay audience to reflect on the deeper aspects of Ufology that go far beyond the mere physical presence of an actual craft.

I believe the book is well worth reading for those open enough to entertain the possibility that the entire current public conversation regarding disclosure is a “fantasy” analogous to parents telling their young children tall tales about Santa
Claus or the Easter Bunny. That may be the best kept secret of all!

I’m a skimmer who plunges into the middle rather than a one page at a time, front to cover type reader. As I keep coming back to this wonderful tome, I find the waters welcoming with each visit and keep going back for more.

Whatever your style, I predict you will like what you find in exploring Trinity, The Best Kept Secret! Enjoy!

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