Review by Cynthia Sue Larson

The door is open, and we now have a handle on the 1945 Trinity UFO crash
Vallée and Paola Leopizzi Harris combine their considerable investigative skills to summarize and detail the body of noteworthy related events surrounding the 1945 crash of a UFO in San Antonito, New Mexico.  Through analysis of materials found on and at the site of the crash, and interviews with witnesses who observed the ‘little men’ moving around after the vehicle cut and burned a wide swath through the desert countryside, Vallée and Harris provide penetrating insight and clarity to what will surely be acknowledged as one of the most significant and most meaningful UFO incidents in recent history.
Trinity provides the best of both UFO worlds through careful attention to details pertaining to the “nuts and bolts,” while giving equal attention and care to metaphysical insights evident in remarkable synchronicity.  I love the way Trinity provides background information about some of the primary witnesses who were first on the scene at the time of the crash, including how these two young boys boldly obtained a physical souvenir from the spaceship itself, as well as other types of material from the craft.  Thanks to thorough interviews conducted with these young boys, Harris succeeds in bringing the reader to events that  occurred one month after the world’s first atomic bomb blast, within the blast range.
Vallée illuminates key questions, identifying both areas of fruitful investigation, as well as providing tips on how to recognize red herrings, bogus distraction strategies, and positive lines of thought by which we can best maintain clear rational inquiry.
We are truly blessed that Vallée and Harris teamed up to investigate this 1945 Trinity incident and write such a beautiful description of one of the iconic, significant UFO events in American history.  Thanks to the authors’ cumulative breadth and depth of decades of UFO investigative experience, some deeper levels of meaning begin to shine through.
Imagery from Trinity will stay with this reader long after the book is read and closed–with a sense that humanity has been given a message that “the door is open,” and we now “have a handle” on this.  And thanks to Trinity: The Best-Kept Secret, we do.
– Cynthia Sue Larson, Author, Artist, Artificial Intelligence Expert

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